Dress Code

Dress Code

Youth Ministry Dress Code

At Parkway Baptist Church, we are all part of an environment where we are trying to remove distractions so that we can concentrate on what GOD has brought us here to do. We do not want any student or adult to distract others by the way they dress, or to be distracted by the way others dress. Should you choose to draw attention to yourself by dressing inappropriately, you will be asked to change your clothes.

Dress should be representative of who we are as Christians students and adults. (Please note: This dress code applies mainly to our youth who are church members and those that attend often. We want them to set the example. However, we will be sensitive to Visitors and will address dress code violations with more grace.)


  • No Visible underwear Please!!
  • NO Spaghetti strap tops, halter-tops, tube tops, etc.
  • Hemlines and necklines should be modest. NO low cut tops (avoid visual cleavage)
  • Let your skin breath! NO Tight clothes.
  • No sagging! Make sure your pants are not hanging low.
  • Shorts are good- but NO "Short" shorts or skirts. (Stand with your arms by your side. If your finger-tips are touching your skin, then your shorts or skirt should be longer for worship and bible study.)
  • Speak for yourself! “Message shorts” are not allowed.
  • Don’t advertise for the wrong guys! Clothing promoting tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, questionable sayings, slogans, etc.
  • Yikes! No bare midriffs- shirts should be long enough that no skin is visible.
  • Cover up! Girl Swimsuit rules! If you have a Bikini please cover with a dark t-shirt. If you have a one piece swimsuit that is low cut and is revealing cleavage, wear a dark t-shirt. Tankinis are ok, but observe the No bare midriffs rule above.
  • Speedos Bottoms - Guys swimsuit rules! Seriously, who wears those?